Personal Accident

Personal Accident

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Personal Accident Insurance is something everybody should consider. For anybody who is engaged in an activity whether it is employment or leisure, we can provide the best Personal Accident Cover at competitive prices. Our expert Underwriters give the widest cover available. Their Benefits can be tailored to meet your Demands and Needs.

So from the office worker to the overseas volunteer; the local cricket team to the shoot organiser; we can provide the cover that your client requires.

We particularly specialise in high risk business. We can do business for

  • High Risk Occupations
  • Dangerous Destinations
  • Sports Activities

These Policies can be insured on an annual or short term basis depending on the type.  So the Policies can be attractive for

  • Steel erectors, roofers, tree fellers etc.
  • Individuals who cannot get cover under group Policies for overseas travel to certain territories
  • Volunteers travelling overseas
  • Sports teams who do not have access to major group schemes.

Complete our Personal Accident Form and return to one of our brokers.

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