Leisure Insurance

Leisure Insurance

Leisure InsuranceLinkedin; Property Insurance; Leisure Insurance; Personal Accident Insurance

Leisure Insurance has very specific hazards linked to the nature of the business.

To have an understanding of the requirements for Leisure risks, our brokers can advise you on your needs.

Our markets specialise only in high hazard Leisure risks. this means risks which have had either

  1. a poor claims history
  2. aspects of their business which other insurers find too hazardous to consider

Leisure Insurance can produce a frequency of Public Liability claims. This is due to the higher than normal exposure to members of the public and the hazardous nature of the activities in which they engage.

The Leisure sector also includes Nightclubs and other Venues, which we can help to insure.

With our background we deal with some of the most specialised expert Leisure Insurers both here and in the London Markets. We can give you the best service available anywhere.

Professional Niche Insurance Services; Property Insurance; Leisure Insurance; Personal Accident Insurance

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